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This site provides reviews of the most popular books and series for teenagers, tweens and children. The reviews are written by Mariah who has read each book that has a review posted. Each review comments on the plot, characters, writing and interest level.

Rating System

Each book is rated according to the following rating system:

- Absolutely boring - Boring - Good - Great!

Books Reviewed: The following table can be sorted by clicking on the table column heading:

Book Title Author First Name Author Last Name Rating Review Date
Airborn Kenneth Oppel Great! Dec 2008
I am the Messenger Markus Zusak Great! Dec 2008
Criss Cross Lynne Rae Perkins Absolutely Boring Dec 2008
Eight Grade Bites Heather Brewer Good Dec 2008
Stargirl Jerry Spinelli Great! Dec 2008
A Great and Terrible Beauty Libba Bray Great! Jan 2009
The SuperNaturalists Eoin Colfer Great! Jan 2009
Pretty Little Liars Sara Shepard Great! Jan 2009
Goosebumps Series R.L. Stine Good May 2009
My Name is Number 4 Ting-Xing Ye Great! May 2009
Red Riding Hood Catherine Hardwicke Great! July 2011

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