Using the Internet for Education

Dec. 1994 Version

This is the original website that I put together in Dec 1994 on Using the Internet for Education and demonstrated to educators in Western Canada in January 1995. I've kept this website up because it shows the basic concept of how to use the Internet for delivery of educational material and because the basic problems that were discussed in 1994 still exist today. And mainly to show that I actually did something important once.

Just some notes on the way the web worked in 1994. Windows for Workgroups was the operating system of choice for the desktop. Win95 was still vaporware. Typical dialup connections were 2400 bps, mine was 1200 bps. There was a threat from the company who invented the GIF standard, that they were going to sue everyone who used gif images on the Internet. The first web browser Mosaic had come out in Sept and Netscape was in beta testing. Graphic images were very small to keep download time down and were usually supplied as a separate link on a webpage. There weren't any web authoring tools so everything was written in html in a text editor

I would believe that using the Internet as discussed in this website would provide prior art against many of the software patents being issued today. So without further ado, here's the Using the Internet for Education website.

NOTE: This website is not updated at all. Should you wish to contact me (I don't know why?), I can be contacted at

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