A Day in the Life of Jill Student

Jill Student logs on to her computer at 8:00 am and checks her e-mail for messages. There is a notice that due to the number of questions on Ohm's Law, there will be a special audio/visual tutorial today at 11:00. Jill decides that she'll attend the lecture and registers her attendance. Since there are no other messages, she e-mails the Help Desk with a lab procedure problem that she had the night before when doing a computer lab simulation.

She logs on to SAIT's LMS system and checks her status. She decides that when she is at school in the afternoon, she'll work on an assignment and e-mails her study partners to be there or be square. Jill then checks the edu.school.math.boolean newsgroup to see if anyone has answered her posting about problem 4-63. One of the instructor moderators has responded with a posting that indicates to use deMorgan's Theorem to solve the problem. Jill prints out the response and attempts the problem.

At 9:00, Jill enters in her group test answers to the digital competency J-1 and immediately receives her marks with a summary of errors. The summary also indicates how the correct answers were derived and where the references are available on the web server. Jill passes with a 93% and decides to take the supervised exam at SAIT later in the afternoon.

At 10:00, Jill downloads and prints out today's tutorial lecture notes and takes the light rail transit (LRT) to SAIT. At 11:00, Jill is seated at the audio/visual conference room when Kevin Instructor walks in. She stops talking to her friend in Black Diamond and says "Hi" to Kevin. Kevin starts the tutorial and Jill sits attentively at her desk listening and taking notes. After the lecture, Jill discusses the upcoming Western Canada Robotic Games with Kevin.

After lunch, Jill goes to the electronic department's computer managed learning (CML) study hall and finds an available conference room. She logs on to the system and is joined by two other students at SAIT. Jill then connects to the rest of her study group which consists of students form Lethbridge , Medicine Hat and Longview. They connect by computer over the Internet. They discuss the direction that their project is going and who will be assigned the work. She downloads some important material from her home directory to each of the group members along with a copy of their responsibilities.

At 3:00, Jill goes to the supervised test area and signs in, to write her supervised exam. She prints out the exam and enters the exam room. After 45 minutes, she emerges none the less for wear and enters her answers into the computer system. Her results are immediately returned along with a summary. She passes with an 89%. She then connects to CML and checks her progress chart . Jill sees that her electronics course has been marked as her top priority with an e-mail message from the course instructor. She reads the e-mail message which states that she is getting behind in the electronics course and she should contact the instructor if she is having any difficulties.

At 5:00, Jill finishes studying electronics and goes home. After supper, Jill turns on her computer and selects Electronics Module 34. She prints out the module information and reference material. One of the references in the computer module is a video animation which shows how the sum of odd harmonic sinewaves produce a square-wave. She practices the sample problems until she feels confident in solving them. Jill completes her technical report assignment and e-mails it to her Technical Communication instructor and then calls it a day just in time to watch the X-Files.

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