Using the Internet for Education

This web page is dedicated to showing how the Internet can be used for educational purposes. When using the Internet for educational purposes, there is no difference between local and distance education. The classroom becomes a virtual classroom and the location becomes transparent.

Internet Tools

The purpose of this page is to:

The Internet tools that can be used for educational purposes are:

Related Sights

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A new player on the block with great potential is the Shockwave Plug-in by Macromedia. It is similar to a helper application except that code is downloaded that allows the browser (Netscape) to run an executable. You must be running Netscape 2.0 to use the Shockwave Plug-in which is free to download from Macromedia. Here are some very diverse, unusual and as I found surprising applications:

Here is an interesting CGI application of an interactive coloring book that could have important impact in other areas:

Another unique use of the Web as an interactive tool is found at

Who am I?

My name is Eugene Blanchard and I am an electronics/computer/networking instructor at a post secondary institute in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


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