E-Mail for Education

E-mail is an excellent delivery method for assignments, correspondence and individual contact between the student, class, instructor and administration. E-mail is short for electronic mail and it is a means of sending messages and files via computers.

The nice part about e-mail is that it is quite fast in delivery, arriving at its destination within hours of sending (actually minutes but I'm taking no chances). E-mail can be sent to individuals or groups if required.

Students can be given an e-mail account. The e-mail account can belong to a separate group for each course that they are taking. The instructor of a particular course can send e-mail directly to the student or mass mail out to everyone in his course group.

Documents can be attached to the e-mail message and opened by the recipient. The attached file can be any format and not necessary in an e-mail format. The only criteria is that the recipient has a software package that can use the attached file.

E-mail information sources

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