Paperless Learning - NOT

Here are some purely mechanical reasons why a completely computerized (paperless) curriculum will not work:

Different Learning Styles

Learning on a computer screen requires a different learning style. There is no beginning and no end to a computer screen like there is with a book or a binder. Printed material has a concrete beginning and end, a computer screen only gives a portion and no indication how much has been accomplished and what is to come. An excellent analogy is the web, where do you start and where do you stop. There is nothing to indicate how far you've come and what lies ahead. For example, at this point in time, do you know how long this article will ramble on?

Only a Snapshot

A computer screen also gives only a small snapshot of the picture. It is up to the individual to piece in the missing parts of the big picture. The best analogy is the manual drafting of a E-size blueprint of a house. A E-size blueprint is roughly 34"x44". When using a drafting table it is easy to see the complete picture by stepping back or just moving your eyes.

When using a CAD package, you are limited by the size and resolution of the monitor. You are only allowed to see a small portion of the picture at any one time. You must remember the rest of the picture. Yes, you can pan (up, down, left, right) and zoom (in/out) but when you pan you still must remember the previous section. When you zoom out, you lose resolution and detail. The bottom line (no pun intended) is that the complete picture is held in your head and not on paper until it is printed out - a different learning style.

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