Are we ready yet?

Columnist Peter de Jager, of the publication Info Canada, wrote in his January 1996 column:

It appears if we possess the object, we possess the benefits. If we put a computer on someone's desk they'll be computer literate

This seems to be the case in education. There are technology leaders, who are the first to jump on the bandwagon and recognize the potential of the new technology. These individuals embrace the technology and preach of its benefits. As departments and institutes rush into acquiring these benefits, we find that the majority of instructors, teachers and educators are still struggling with basic computer concepts.

This leads to two questions that should be asked before we reach for this new technology:

do (teachers) know how to use the computer? Next, do they know how to incorporate it into the curriculum?

These are interesting questions, for they lead to a serious problem in the education field and de Gray sums it up quite accurately:

teachers are not taught how to use the computer, have no idea how to use the computer to teach mathematics, English, history, geography or even....computers.

Are we jumping to a delivery method for curriculum without providing adequate instruction for the educators? Are we expecting that because we have the technology, we will become technology literate? Are we ready yet?

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