Energy project development, economic feasibility evaluation, and market research are the specialized consulting research services provided by Boykiw & Company Ltd.  Inquiries are welcomed. The principal consultant is ALBERT L. BOYKIW, B.Sc., M.B.A., P.Eng. Other consultants are retained as necessary. Information regarding Mr. Boykiw's qualifications and experience is provided in this site under the following headings .







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         Experience in most phases of the project cycle, i.e., identification, definition of
         information requirements, market research, evaluation of feasibility,
         supervision,  post evaluation

        Consulting assignments carried out for the World Bank, Asian Development
        BankCanadian  International Development Agency, governments,
        government  agencies and corporations

        Energy expertise includes preparing energy supply/demand balances,
         contracting, purchasing and marketing of oil, gas, and refined products,
         operation of futures market,  developing government regulations for energy
         industry and protection of the environment, costing and rate setting for

         Knowledgeable on corporate finance, organization development, matters
         related to privatization, operation of capital markets,  economic  and
        financial feasibility, commodity futures trading and hedging

         Engineering training is used when required to complement economics and
        financial analysis training and experience

        More than 38 years of experience which include many different cultural and
         social environments.


Listing identifies projects, countries, years, and Mr. Boykiw's roles.

      1.  Member of a technical team carrying out a Project Preparation Technical Assistance assignment for ADB funding of a major gas pipeline system expansion project, with emphasis on institutional development issues, (Bangladesh), Economist, Technical Engineering Advisor

     2.. Engineer economist working as a member of ADB team preparing Project Completion Report for  Ping Hu Offshore Gas and Oil and Shanghai Gas Market Development, (China)

1. Energy tariffs specialist,  member of a CIDA funded team providing Kyoto related training for reducing Green House Gas Emissions (GHG) in Caspian Region (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan),  which includes Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) demonstration and other project economics, trading of Certified Emission Reduction Units (CERs), (Canada and host countries), 2002-2005, Energy Economics Specialist 

2. Ongoing monitoring of evaluation methods and issues for measuring social benefits from reducing air pollution; base case levels, concentration and impact relationships, monetizing impacts, opportunity costs, data requirements and quality, etc., (Alberta) Economics Evaluator 

3. Provided training to  a group of Senior Managers from Gas Authority of India - (Preparation of projects for development banks, getting projects into the development pipeline, appraisal, implementation, and post completion reporting), (Canada) 2001, Project Development Specialist 

4. Advised Tanzanian entrepreneur via e-mail on data collection and evaluation methods and technical factors for his evaluation of establishing a CNG refueling station,  (Alberta) 2002, CNG Economics Advisor

5. Evaluation of Indonesia to Singapore Gas Pipeline, Natural Gas Technical Specialist - Tariffs, Contracts, Reserves, Markets, Economic Internal Rates of Return,(Indonesia) 2000

6. Marketing to and Investing in China's Petroleum Industry ,(Canada and China) July 1999, Energy Economist, Market Researcher

7. Market for LPG and CNG in Peru's Transport Sector ,(Peru) 1999, Energy Economist, Engineer

8. Oil and Gas Technology Transfer Program, Monitor of Chinese Petroleum Industry Development and Planning, Prepare Status Reports for Industry, Manage CNPC Procurement Managers' Mission to Alberta, China, (Canada 1994-2001), Petroleum Industry Specialist

9. Feasibility of Gas Pipeline Development, (Indonesia) 1997, Energy Economist, Financial Analyst.

10. Evaluation of 1985 Second Natural Gas Development Project Performance, (Bangladesh) 1997, Petroleum Engineer, Energy Economist, Financial Analyst

11. Technoconsult International Ltd. - Feasibility of Energy Conservation Aid Project to Private Sector, (Bangladesh) 1995, Financial Analyst

12. Ping Hu Offshore Gas and Oil and Shanghai Gas Market Development, (China) 1994, 1995, Energy Economist, Petroleum Engineer

13. Development of a Private Sector Development Assistance Plan, (Ukraine) 1994, Enterprise Development Consultant

14. Overview of Prospects for Gas Development in Six sub-Saharan Countries (Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Angola, Sudan), Washington 1994, Energy Economics Analyst

15. Third Natural Gas Development Project Feasibility (Bangladesh), 1993, Energy Economist, Financial Analyst

16. Evaluation of Natural Gas Development Project Performance, (Bangladesh), 1991, Economist, Mission Team Leader

17. Preparation of a Line of Credit to Peru/Petroperu and a List of Petroleum Industry Items for Purchase, (Peru) 1990, Energy Economist, Engineer

18. Prepare Data for Taxation and Deregulation of Petroleum Product Prices in Thailand,  (Thailand) 1988, Financial Policy Analyst

19. Evaluation of Performance of Past CIDA Oil and Gas Projects and Evaluation of Future Needs, (Pakistan), 1987, Mission Team Leader, Management Consultant

20. Analysis of Electricity Load Forecasts in Thailand, (Thailand), 1984, Energy Economist

21. Electricity Demand on the Islands of Negros, Cebu, and Panay, (Philippines), 1982 and 1983, Energy Economist

22. Markets for Thrace Gas in Istanbul Area, (Turkey), 1983, Energy Economist, Market Researcher

23. Refined Product Markets and Refinery Feasibility for Southern Sudan, (Sudan), 1982, Energy Economist

24. Pakistan's Energy Gas Supply and Demand, Gas Markets, and Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Expansion, (Pakistan), 1981, Energy Economist, Financial Analyst

25. Pakistan's Energy Gas Supply and Demand, Gas Markets, and Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Expansion, (Pakistan), 1981, Energy Economist, Financial Analyst

26. Market for Gas from Erawan Offshore Gas Pipeline, (Thailand), 1976, Energy Economist

27. Supervision of Port of Aden Rehabilitation, (South Yemen) 1976, Financial Analyst

28. Port of Aden Rehabilitation, (South Yemen) 1975, Financial Analyst

29. Upgrading Port of Spain Facilities and Operations, (Trinidad ) 1975, Financial Analyst

30. Rehabilitation of Bangladesh Inland Waterway , (Bangladesh) 1974, Financial Analyst

31.Rehabilitation of South Vietnam's Inland Waterways, (South Vietnam) 1973, Financial Analyst

33. Markets for Gas from Naftagas Gas Pipeline Project, (Yugoslavia) 1972, Gas Market Economist


1. Presented seminars on capital investment evaluation, which included presentations on forecasting of key variables, risk and interest rates, cost of capital,  return on rate bases and discounted cash flow rates of return, use of probabilities and expected values, acquisition of oil and gas reserves by exploration or purchase, accounting policies and tariff levels.

2. In 1999, organized and conducted a purchasing mission by 9 China
National Petroleum Corporation executives and managers, who represented production of 1.7 million barrels per day, to Alberta firms. Meetings were held in China, followed by additional information on their specific interests, researching firms' capabilities, scheduling of appointments, and hosting a mini-trade show.

3. Market research carried out to determine size of market and nature of competition  for numerous products, some of which are:
         -hydrofluoric acid                                      -limestone
         -tar sands naphtha                                   -hydrofluosilic acid
         -calcium carbonate                                  -calcium sulphate
         -spiral stair cases                                     -steel pipe,  various specifications
         -rectangular hollow steel structurals     -diatomaceous earth (kitty litter)
         -demand for a "high status" office/industrial park development
         -demand for shopping center retail (by type of store) and office space in
         a  large shopping center in Edmonton
         -consumer preferences for specific characteristics in light delivery trucks

        - commodity supply/demand balances, prices and trends 

4. Carried out financial feasibility evaluations of  potential acquisitions, i.e.  a motel in Banff, Alberta, a motel in Calgary, Alberta, a  retail store by an Indian band.

5. Directed a feasibility study of an integrated steel plant in Alberta. Components of the study included market research, selection of products to be produced, physical facilities, cost of inputs, competitor's activities to maintain market share, financial guarantees required, and viability.

6. Prepared economic growth, population growth, and housing demand projections for Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and 7 major urban centers in Alberta . The most significant determinants of growth were identified in each projection.

7. Directed and participated in a detailed projection of medium and long term housing requirements in Edmonton. A computerized population model with migration, aging, marital status, headship, and parallel housing requirements were used to project housing requirements. The model's output was validated by comparison with previous years for which accurate data was available. Prepared short term housing demand projections for building lots using building permits, lot inventories, new and used home prices, sales, and listings, and advertising of rental accommodation. Prepared a questionnaire and surveyed respondents in selected apartments to establish potential tenants preferences for specific apartment features. The survey provided information on tenants' demographics and features desired in a apartment accommodation and materially influenced the developer's plans.

          8. Trade various commodities on commodity exchanges.

9. Own and manage personal investments in real estate and stock in publicly traded companies.


         B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering, University of Alberta, 1958

         M.B.A. University of Western Ontario, 1962

         Micro Computer Use - Lotus, Word Perfect, Internet Research

         English, oral - excellent, written - excellent

         Ukrainian, , oral - good, written - limited

         French, oral - poor, written - poor

          Spanish, oral - poor, written - nil

         Russian, oral - conversational,  written - nil


         Boykiw & Company Ltd. (1977-    ) President, business consultant, financial
         analyst, energy specialist

         Hu Harries & Associates (1967-77), Vice-president, business consultant,
        economist, financial analyst

         Texaco Canada Ltd. (1965-67), income tax administrator

         Texaco Canada Ltd. (1962-65), economist

         Esso Resources Ltd. (1959), reservoir engineer

         Amoco Canada Ltd. (1958-60), petroleum engineer

         Energy Resources Conservation Board (1957) field engineer

         Trident Drilling Ltd. (1956), oil well drilling roughneck.

END/Boykiw & Company Ltd.