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Larry & Dorren McCoolWe have been fortunate enough to have known some of our forebears and by luck wise enough to get a few facts. Mind you, not nearly as many as we should have, but we put to paper much that was told. Questions to the elder generation before they passed away enabled us to get started in the right direction, and again, now that they are gone, not all the questions were asked nor the responses put to paper.

Now we sit as the elder generation and we hope to pass on to our children and our grandchildren a legacy of history that may well have been lost. We do not pretend to know it all, and we are well aware that there could be and are errors and omissions in our works.

Lavina Louisa Snook's parentsThe lineage that is represented by this website is the basic family ancestors of both Doreen (Watt) McCool and Larry McCool. Review it by searching for a surname first and then a specific name. There are over 10,700 names in the full database.

We are Canadians! Words from the song "The Maple Leaf Forever" can sum up our family: The thistle, shamrock, rose entwine, The Maple Leaf Forever. The thistle of Scotland, the shamrock of Ireland, and the rose of England are all present in our family.

Much help has come from the many branches of the O.G.S., The Ontario Genealogical Society, from the Family History Centre of the L.D.S. and the wonderful members of our Alberta Family Histories Society. The census records available at the Calgary Public Library, the Archives of the Alberta Provincial Government in Edmonton, and of course the people that respond to the many help messages on the internet.

We're looking for help with two photographs now. See Lavina's parents on the right - can you help us identify them? Also, see the four McCools in the black and white photo. Can anyone help us identify them or place the date on the picutre (we're thinking 1900-10 or so)? You can click on the black and white image to see a larger version of the picture.

A few of the sites that have been of assistance are listed below.

Award!These are some of the sites that we visit on a daily basis, along with some family sites, Caldwell, Sackett, and of course roots website, Cyndi's site, and GENUK and GENIRE are just a few that are on our favorites list. Family sites like Ansley Family Association are also useful. More of these may be added later. I also want to recommend a good software that I use, Brothers' Keeper

Some of you may not realize that there are a few of the major newspapers that put their daily classified pages on the net and the obituaries are in daily.

Come visit our site and let us know if we can help you OR if you can help us.

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